What to Expect in the Latest Version of iOS 16

The latest version of iOS 16 is right around the corner and the indications are it’ll be bringing a whole heap of new features for iPhone users. We don’t yet have a definitive release date but Apple is targeting the spring, which means we could see it rolling out in March or April. Of course, only a few months after that we’ll be lining up for WWDC 2023 to get our first look at iOS 17.

As with all iOS updates, it won’t cost you anything to download and you’ll be automatically notified when it’s available for your device. You can either install it manually when you receive the notification or, should you prefer, leave it until a more convenient time. If you leave your iPhone charging overnight then it can automatically update itself while you’re asleep.

Apple has focused on a few key improvements with iOS 16.4 that include web push notifications and, of course, a new roster of emojis. Introduced with Unicode 15.0, these are the first new emoji characters in over a year and include 21 new symbols. That goes up to 31 if you count the skin tone variations.

Once iOS 16.4 is active on your iPhone you’ll be able to take advantage of web-based notifications from Safari. Just like with an app, users can opt-in to receive notifications from the web browser. That may mean, for example, you want to receive notifications from a website when a new article is published. To avoid you getting bombarded with pings, only websites saved to the Home Screen will be given the authority to send push notifications.

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