35% decrease in price of tomatoes in Bahrain

“The price of tomatoes decreased by 35% in the first days of Ramadan for the first time in years,” said the owner of the Al-Bustani company for fresh vegetables and fruits, Ridha Al-Bustani.

He noted that tomatoes’ prices were high last week at 600 fils per kilo (wholesale price) and dropped to 250 fils for ordinary tomatoes, 300 fils and 350 fils for the local protected houses.

Al-Bustani explained that the large quantities that reached the market are the reason behind the low prices. He added that previously markets dependent on the quantities imported from Jordan and the Sultanate of Oman, but this year quantities also arrived from Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Iran.

He added that that Jordanian tomatoes decreased by 30%, and the Syrian by 40%.

Al-Bustani pointed out that the prices are low, and merchants should not take advantage of the current situation and people’s need in the month of Ramadan, and maintain the same previous prices despite their decrease and provide sufficient quantities of demand.

It is noteworthy that the consumption of tomatoes increases significantly during the holy month, as it is used in cooking the of the basic popular dishes during this month.


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