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5 things to consider when building your new home in Bahrain

When thinking of building a new home, our first thought would be what we want it to look like. Then we think of where we want it to be built. We’d want to choose a location with easy access to amenities and community facilities as well as one with a great view.

Al Bareh provides high-end, luxurious residential plots and investment opportunities. In this article, we list 5 reasons why you should consider the Al Bareh plots for building your new home.

Are they freehold?

The Al Bareh plots are available on a freehold basis for all nationalities and are ready for immediate investment.

How big are the plots?

Al Bareh’s inland plots range from approximately 360 sqm to 1,000 sqm – which is just big enough for a house with a backyard as well as a garden and garage.

Where are the plots located?

The Al Bareh neighbourhood is located on the West end of the South Island of Diyar Al Muharraq. It is about 20 minutes away from Manama and 10 minutes away from the airport.

What residential facilities are available?

The Al Bareh project includes the basic needs services such as a mosque, park with children’s playground, as well as a service area containing retail shops.

Are they affordable and practical?

Al Bareh plot prices start from BD27-29 per sqm, with Zero Vat and infrastructure fees for 15m allowed height, an average floor area ratio of 1.2, and 360-1000 sqm plot size range.

For more information, book a meeting with Diyar Virtual Property Advisor or call 80008880. For international calls, call +973 7755 6606.


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