Abu Dhabi: Fines issued for illegal e-bike users

Abu Dhabi Police have intensified their campaign to stop people riding unauthorised electric bikes in the capital.

The force shared a video on their social media platform showing officers issuing fines to riders of illegal vehicles, following a two-month awareness campaign carried out in collaboration with the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

The ITC announced in June that only electric two-wheelers that are operated while standing are allowed.

It said scooters with seats were prohibited, showing three different types — one with a basket in front, an e-scooter with a seat and an ordinary seated scooter.

The ban came amid concerns about modifications to two-wheelers, which can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometres an hour. Fitting seats and chunky wheels to the bikes had become common.

“It is important to follow traffic and safety instructions. Two types of electric scooters can be used in Abu Dhabi. The bicycle and electric scooters. Electric scooters with seats have been banned,” said Brig Mohammed Al Hemeri, Abu Dhabi Police’s director of Patrols and Traffic.

He said the regulated list of bicycles and electric scooters showed the specifications of bicycles allowed on the roads, which are two-wheeled bicycles without an electric engine.

“The regulation for e-scooters pointed that it can be a minimum of a two wheels vehicle equipped with electric engine, without a seat and the rider should be standing while driving,” he said.

Officials said having a low seat on a scooter that was designed for standing up could affect a rider’s balance. The ruling was extended to scooters often used for delivery.

“Cyclists should slow down in busy areas and only be allowed to drive on designated tracks. There are signboards that demonstrate the tracks,” Brig Al Hemeri added.

Officials said a bicycle or e-scooter must have only one rider, who should use side roads in the absence of a proper cycle path.

Authorities in Abu Dhabi said cyclists must wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road and a bicycle or e-scooter should have only one rider.



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