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Another Problem? iPhone 15 Users Report “Rattle Or Crackle” In Audio

Apple rolled out a software update on Wednesday to fix the overheating issue in the new iPhone 15. Yet, even as one problem is addressed, another emerges: Some iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max users report that their built-in speakers emit crackly and rattly sounds.

“My iPhone 15 Pro Max arrived launch day, and from out of the box, full volume speaker calls rattle the speaker and sound like liquid inside, and same for music above like 80%, below 80% you can notice the rattle with the phone up to your ear. Software bug maybe? I think I should get the phone swapped out…… It literally sounds like a liquid-damaged blown speaker at high volumes,” one Redditor said.

After a replacement phone from the Apple Store, the Redditor said, “Replaced phone through Apple, and the replacement has the same issue, this time worse!”

Another Apple user, TikToker Milesabovetech, said his iPhone 15 Pro Max had been replaced three times because of speaker issues. He said: “The iPhone 15 launch has me feeling like we were beta testers.” 

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He shared a video of the second iPhone replacement on X, indicating, “So I got my 2nd replacement for my iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple and it still has the same top speaker issue?!?! When the volume is above 80% with some songs and videos the speaker rattles and cracks like it has water in it. I tried this at BestBuy too and they had the same issue.” 

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is. Others have reported similar issues:

“If it’s a hardware issue and speaker components are to blame, Apple will likely fix the problem at the manufacturing level,” said tech blog BGR, adding, “Considering that Apple has already confirmed the overheating issues for the iPhone 15 Pro models, I’d expect the company to also address the sound problems in the near future. That’s if the speaker issue is as widespread.” 

Seems like iPhone 15 users are beta testers…


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