Asian Man Jailed in Bahrain for Drug Smuggling

An Asian man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, fined BD 10,000, and will face deportation after serving his sentence for a drug offence.

The conviction comes after he was found guilty of smuggling narcotic substances concealed within children’s toys with the intention of transporting them to a European country.

Additionally, he was fined BD100 for possessing pornographic material.

The Public Prosecution charged the 43-year-old defendant with unauthorised possession of ketamine and methamphetamine with the intent to traffic and abuse them.

He was also charged with possessing pornographic material within an IT system.

Authorities became aware of the defendant’s activities when a postal transport company reported a suspicious package leaking a crystal-like substance believed to be narcotics.

The package was intercepted, and investigations led to the identification of the defendant, who was involved in filling packages with narcotic substances and sending them out of Bahrain.

During the search of the defendant’s residence, authorised by the Public Prosecution due to his abnormal behaviour, various items were discovered, including cardboard, duct tape, two box cutters, a roll of tin foil, a bag containing four packets of crystal substances, as well as cash in the amounts of $180, BD51, and 1,200 Saudi riyals.

An employee at the postal transport company testified that the defendant had brought in a package to be shipped to a European country.

The package was weighed, and the defendant was requested to pay BD150. When asked about the contents of the package, he claimed it contained children’s toys.


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