Bahrain: 6,000 people volunteered for vaccine trials

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A total of 6000 people hailing from different nationalities have volunteered for the phase III COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

The Ministry of Health has today announced that the target has been reached, six weeks after the phase III COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials got underway in Bahrain.

Health Minister Faeqa bint Said Al-Saleh said that the efforts of Team Bahrain, represent a major catalyst to contribute strenuous and dedicated work to protect  people’s health and safety.

She praised Bahrainis’ determination to support all national efforts aimed at confronting the pandemic and limiting its spread, thanking all volunteers from various community members participating in the third phase of clinical trials for their initiative for humanity to develop A safe and effective vaccine that protects everyone.

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“Bahrain’s success in completing the third phase of clinical trials of the inactivated vaccine for the Coronavirus, by reaching the required number of volunteers of 6000 volunteers in 6 weeks, is a source of pride”, she said.

She praised the medical teams in charge of conducting the phase III COVID-19 inactivated vaccine clinical trials, who expressed their desire to conduct an additional 1700 trials.

“She said that the vaccine is safe and the associated symptoms, if any, are among the recognized ones”, she said, adding that clinical trials are   part of a series of national initiatives to enhance population health, promote medical research and develop capabilities.

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