Bahrain bans all gatherings, events in hotels & restaurants

Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority has issued directives to all hotels, restaurants, halls, lounges, event houses in the Kingdom of Bahrain to not allow any gatherings, celebrations, weddings or conferences whether indoors or outdoors.

Photo: Circular from "Tourism": No weddings or conferences in hotels and restaurants

In its notification to tourist establishments and hotels, the Authority confirmed: ” Based the Public Health Law No. 34 of 2018 and themeasures specified therein to combat infectious diseases, the ministerial decisions issued to curb the spread ofthe Coronavirus and the recommendations and directives of the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (Covid- 19).

According to the current health conditions, all hotels, tourism establishments and facilities must adhere to all relevant public health regulations,which, amongst other measures, prohibit hosting gatherings, events, weddings and conferences inhotels, restaurants, halls, lounges, event houses, whether indoors or outdoors.


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