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Bahrain: BENEFIT unveils new brand identity

After 24 years, BENEFIT; Bahrain’s leading regional player in electronic financial transactions and FinTech solutions, unveiled their new brand visual identity to reflect the company’s ongoing evolution and its vision to shape the future of society through innovative digital solutions. The new brand was launched at a press conference on Sunday morning, at BENEFIT’s new headquarters.

For the past 24 years, BENEFIT has unlocked vast opportunities by powering effortless payment solutions for all individuals and businesses in the Kingdom, and has created a success story for Bahrain within the financial technology domain. The new re-branding marks a new BENEFIT both inside the company and out; and it is a testament to BENEFIT’s core mission and role, which is to develop cutting-edge business and lifestyle solutions that are essential to everyday life. The new brand narrative ‘Pulse of Bahrain’ builds on BENEFIT’s vision, which is to shape the future of society, being the foundation of life and the pulse that energises the community.

Recent major announcements for BENEFIT include the recently launched remittance service feature as part of its BenefitPay service, which will enable all app users to make international money transfers. Earlier this month, BENEFIT also announced the eCheque service, the World’s First National eCheque System. Furthermore, BENEFIT has a diversified portfolio of products including the financial network connectivity, ATM network, POS devices, BenefitPay; the national e-wallet, eKYC service; the first of its kind in the region, covering the entire financial sector. BENEFIT has won many prominent local and international awards such as the e-Government Excellence Award 2021 and the Best Smart Application Award 2021 and many other awards.


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