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Bahrain: New feature launched on “BenefitPay” application

BENEFIT, Bahrain’s electronic financial transactions service, has recently announced several security enhancements to the BenefitPay application with the aim of enhancing user experience when switching mobile phones.

The latest enhancements include prompting users to deactivate the BenefitPay account used on their old phone before activating it on their new device, as this step contributes to enhancing user safety and security, while limiting electronic fraud risks.

“As part of its efforts to improve and protect users’ experiences, BENEFIT is eager to periodically introduce improvements to its services and evaluate best practices,” Head of BENEFIT’s Business Development and Services Department Ahmed AlMahri said.

“In this regard, we recently modified the activation mechanism of the BenefitPay application in a new phone, as the new procedure requires that the user first cancels the activated account on the old phone before proceeding to install the application on the new phone, by selecting the Deactivate feature in the Settings menu on the old device.”

In the event that the old phone is not available for any reason or due to formatting the old device, the customer must visit BENEFIT’s customer service center at the Company’s headquarters in Seef District, where the deactivating process will be completed by a qualified employee after verifying the customer’s identity, he added.

“This measure is taken to ensure security and compliance with consumer identity verification regulations in order to protect them from fraudsters.”

BENEFIT Company staff will not contact consumers and ask for passwords, OTPs, or customer data, and if customers are subjected to such a situation, it is a fraud attempt, he warned.



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