Bahrain: Court Confirms 10-Year Jail for 2 Women Running Prostitution Ring

The High Appeals Court upheld a 10-year prison sentence given to two women for ruthlessly driving another woman into the flesh trade. The court also imposed a BD2000 fine on the offenders. According to court documents, the two women used force, threats, and pressure to force the victim to accept clients and retain nearly all of the revenue from the prostitution.

They allegedly charged BD10 to BD20 for every customer, which, according to the victim, continued for six days before the authorities rescued her. The experience was only revealed after the woman managed to seek assistance and notify her embassy, which then informed the police, who dispatched a rescue operation.

According to authorities, they forced their way into the flat and discovered the woman locked up in a room. The accused reportedly pushed the victim to participate in prostitution while living in the flat.

According to the victim, she was related to one of the accused, who was aware of her poor financial circumstances. The suspect advised her that if she travelled to Bahrain, she could make money as a masseuse and that they would arrange her visa and flight tickets.


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