Bahrain: COVID-19 patient jailed for attempting to transmit virus to doctors

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The Lower Criminal Court sentenced a defendant, who was infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), to three years in jail with force and fined him BD 1000. The convict was accused of exposing doctors at an examination centre to infection.

According to a notification by the Public Health Directorate, the defendant turned up at the examination centre for a coronavirus checkup as the last examination he had undergone proved he had contracted the virus. During checkup, he deliberately removed the face mask and coughed in front of the doctors at the centre. He also coughed deliberately in his hand and touched the doctors in different parts of their bodies in order to transmit the virus to them.

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The Public Prosecution interrogated the defendant and ordered he be remanded in custody and referred to the court which issued its afore-mentioned verdict.



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