Bahrain: Foreign Object Extracted from Infant’s Throat

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Dr. Samia Al-Dossary, Head of the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), said that the department conducted an emergency endoscopic operation at the Salmaniya Medical Complex to extract a foreign object stuck in the respiratory tract of an eleven-month-old child.

She indicated that the child had difficulty breathing, wheezing and intermittent cyanosis for ten days, which led to bringing him to the hospital. It was found that there was a large piece of nuts along the primary and middle airway in the right lung, which were extracted with extreme precision by a rigid lung endoscope, by consultant Dr. Loai Al-Ekri and his medical team.

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Doctors called on parents and those who care for children, whether in homes or kindergartens, to monitor children and pay attention to symptoms of suffocation and difficulty breathing.


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