Bahrain: IKEA Announces Lower Prices for More Than 1,500 Products Including Service Prices

As part of IKEA’s vision to create a better everyday life for people, prices of more than 1500 products have been reduced to enable people in Bahrain to enjoy the IKEA products they love as well as their accompanying services.

In recent years post the pandemic, global disruptions in production and transportation have forced many companies to increase their prices, putting pressure on consumer wallets. As the global situation in shipping and manufacturing has improved with costs being back on track, they have made a strategic decision to lower the prices of products and services for consumers in Bahrain whenever they can. The company believes that this will enable people to furnish their homes with a wide range of great products at prices that many can afford.

Not only did IKEA Bahrain reduce the prices of 1,500 products, but they have also invested in improving their delivery service, speed, and prices. Customers will receive their parcel delivery within 4 hours at very low rates for store and online orders. Besides the overall long-term investments in affordability, IKEA Bahrain will also launch a sale campaign on 1,100 products during the month of Shaban so people can get their homes ready before the month of Ramadan

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