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Bahrain, Saudi, UAE, Qatar Announce Ramadan To Begin on Thursday

The Ramadan crescent moon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday evening, meaning the holy month will officially begin on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

The moonsighting committee of Bahrain has announced that Thursday, March 23, will be the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan in Bahrain, based on the sighting of the crescent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will also begin on Thursday, state press agency WAM reported on Tuesday.

Qatar also announced Thursday, March 23, as the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. Subsequently, fasting will start on Thursday. The moon sighting committees announced the crescent moon, which signals the start of a month in the Islamic Hijri calendar, was not sighted on Tuesday (March 21) night.


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