Bahrain launches online reporting system for minor accidents

New services have been launched via the eTraffic app to simplify the reporting process of minor traffic accidents, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) announced.

The services, covering accidents between two or more parties, allow for traffic procedures to be directly handled by insurance companies. 

There are four new services offered:

Report Traffic Accidents which allows citizens, residents, and visitors from the GCC to alert insurance companies about minor accidents.

View Reported Traffic Accidents which provides details of all reported accidents.

Traffic Accident Acknowledgment which allows the driver who caused the accident to admit fault.

Insurance Companies Locator which contains information on insurance companies, their locations, and contact details.

There will also be no need for the public to have traffic reports issued nor to have to pay for them if there is a mutual agreement between the two parties, leaving insurance companies free to launch their own procedures.

To use the new services, users must report the minor accident via the eTraffic mobile app or by filling the insurance electronic form. Certain requirements must be met.

All parties must mutually agree to report the accident via the eTraffic app or insurance electronic form. There should be no injuries, and if the affected driver reports the accident, then the other driver must admit fault by using the app’s ‘Traffic Accident Acknowledgment’ service or via the National Portal.

If the driver at fault is the one reporting the accident, then this will be accepted as an admission of fault. All parties must then head to the insurance company responsible for the vehicle of the driver at fault within 48 hours.


The Daily Tribune
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