Bahrain mulls death penalty for bringing in nuclear waste

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The Bahraini parliament is due to debate on Tuesday a draft bill that proposes the death penalty for bringing nuclear waste into the country.

The parliamentary Public Utilities and Environment has approved the draft that also incorporates fines of up to BD1 million against anyone found guilty of importing, burying, storing or disposing of nuclear waste in any way in the Bahraini territory.

According to the same draft, bringing radioactive waste into Bahrain with the purpose of temporary or permanent disposal or importing other lethal substances for storing or disposal in the country is punishable by jailing and a minimum fine of BD15,000, Al Watan newspaper reported.

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The same penalties will apply to those allowing sea, air and land means of transport, carrying nuclear or lethal waste across the Bahraini territory, according to the report.

The draft, moreover, bans individuals and enterprises pursuing environment-polluting activities or causing damage to natural resources or wildlife in the kingdom.


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