Bahrain: Public employee accused for embezzling BD8,000

The High Criminal Court has begun hearing the case of a Bahraini employee accused of embezzling more than BD8,000 from a government entity.

The defendant is said to have forged papers that were used as evidence that he completed seven training programmes and unjustly pocketed the money.

The man was arrested after his workplace notified the Public Prosecution about the incident, and an investigation was launched to probe the matter.

It was established that the defendant forged documents to steal the money. He admitted during questioning that he had taken advantage of his post to prepare the documents in order to pocket the money.

The defendant received financial support for enrolling on the training programmes which is worth BD8,235. Among the witnesses who testified in the case were several colleagues, all of whom confirmed the incident.

The accused was ordered to be detained, pending further investigation. He was charged with forgery and embezzlement. His next court hearing has been scheduled for September 18, 2022.


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