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Bahrain: Representatives Council Approve ‘Partial Curfew’ Proposal

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The Council of Representatives today held its 24th meeting of the second session of the fifth Legislative Term, under the chairmanship of Speaker, Fawzia bint Abdulla Zainal.

The Speaker extended deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the launch of the economic stimulus package, worth BD 4.3 billion, to mitigate the effects of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The session approved several urgent proposals and referred them to the government. They included mainly:

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– Enforcing partial curfew from 06:00 pm to 05:00 am, with the exception of those whose work requires otherwise.

– Giving illegal expatriate workers a grace period to rectify their legal situation and leave the country to limit the spread of COVID-19.


– Setting up a new fund for contributions and donations of businessmen, national companies, banks and individuals to cover costs of COVID-19 and other disasters.

– Including working mothers in companies, entities and institutions in which the state owns 50% in the working from home system for women in public sector.

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– Delivering e-services at ministries and service departments.


– Paying an incentive bonus for volunteers in the National Campaign to Combat ‘Coronavirus’.

– The economic stimulus package should be limited to supporting small, medium-sized and micro private sector companies and enterprises which have been affected negatively by COVID-19, and the precautionary measures enforced to combat it.

– Granting teachers a holiday like students.



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