Bahrain: Tamkeen Launches Financing Programme for Medical Doctors’ Education

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) is now accepting applications for the financing of doctors’ education as part of a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to support medical professionals. Under this latest initiative, Tamkeen will finance doctors looking to pursue advanced academic studies and attain master’s degrees and fellowships in their desired specialisations. To accomplish this, Tamkeen will collaborate with a group of partner banks, and has already signed the first agreement with Al Baraka Islamic Bank.

Tamkeen’s financial support covers 100% of the profits of the financing during the grace period and 50% of the profits during the repayment period. Applicants must secure approval from the partner bank after verifying their academic program’s accreditation with the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).

Tamkeen, in line with national priorities, the Government Plan, and the Bahrain Economic Recovery Plan, introduced several other initiatives this year aimed at supporting nationals in the healthcare sector. Since their launch in early March, these initiatives have made a significant impact, resulting in the employment of 70 Bahraini doctors who were job seekers registered with the Ministry of Labour. Additionally, nine currently employed doctors have received wage increment support.

Other initiatives aim to support the employment of Bahraini doctors and dentists at private clinics and hospitals, including recent graduates and job seekers recommended by the Ministry of Labour. These healthcare professionals will receive a wage of no less than BD800, with wages supported at varying percentages (70%, 50%, or 30%) for a period of three years.

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