Bahrain Traffic Cancels Over 31,000 Cars in 2023

The Bahrain Traffic Directorate released statistics revealing that a staggering 31,968 vehicles were cancelled in 2023. These cancellations encompassed 17 different types of vehicles, including cars, pickups, trucks, buses, cranes, motorcycles, and others.

The statistics highlight a significant surge in the number of cancelled vehicles within just one year. In 2022, the figure stood at approximately 24,000 cars, indicating a remarkable 25% increase in vehicle cancellations during the past year.

Private vehicles constituted the majority of the cancelled cars, accounting for 24,724 vehicles, which represents 77.3% of the total number of cancelled vehicles.

Private pickups

Following private vehicles, the next highest category of cancellations was attributed to private pickups, with 2,184 vehicles of this type cancelled in the past year. Additionally, 1,597 vehicles categorised as private passenger transport buses were cancelled.

The statistics also revealed the cancellation of 165 motorcycles, 104 cargo vehicles (lorries and pickups), 199 specialised vehicles for ambulances, firefighting, and other purposes within this sector, along with 31 taxis.

Furthermore, the statistics exhibited the cancellation of 334 rental cars, 26 vehicles affiliated with diplomatic missions, and 27 cranes belonging to construction companies, including forklifts.

The detailed tables in the statistics further disclose the cancellation of 253 private transport vehicles.


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