Bahrain warns of fake videos inciting hatred on social media

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Not all videos shared claiming to document happening on social media may necessarily be genuine, warns Bahrain Interior Ministry. The ministry also urged the public to take extreme caution while sharing viral footages that appears to be original. Interior Ministry said they are investigating several such video clips that claimed to be as recent on social media platforms but turned out as “very old” on the investigation.

Ministry, in a statement on Twitter, said they are closely monitoring several such incidents on social media platforms. The ministry said that one example of such fake video clips is the one claimed to be from the Reform and Rehabilitation centre. However, a forensic investigation proved the clips as very old and the police had also taken legal measures at that time. “These videos are old and legal procedures were taken regard – ing them,” the ministry said.

Experts warn that such visuals, for their persuasive potential and attention-grabbing nature, are a potent choice for those seeking to mislead. Anti-cybercrimes departments called on the general public not to fall prey to such messages that mislead, manipulate and harm civil peace.


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