Bahraini Poet Fawzia Al-Sindi Honoured as “Cultural Personality” in Sharjah

Bahraini poet Fawzia Al-Sindi was bestowed with the prestigious title of “Cultural Personality” during the sixth session of the “Sharjah Culture Award for Gulf Women.” Organised by the Cultural Office of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, the award aims to celebrate the pioneering contributions of Gulf women in cultural work, literature, and the arts. Al-Sindi’s selection marks a significant milestone, as she becomes the first Gulf woman to receive this esteemed accolade since its inception this year. Her influential presence in Bahraini and Gulf society, coupled with her remarkable contributions to cultural work and literary endeavours, led to her deserving recognition.

Award ceremony

The prestigious award ceremony, where Al-Sindi will be honoured, is scheduled to take place on April 23, acknowledging the remarkable achievements of all award winners. Al-Sindi, a poet and writer, holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Cairo (1977). Her literary journey began early in life, alongside her career in the banking sector in Bahrain. Al-Sindi’s poetry has been featured in numerous Bahraini, Gulf, and Arab publications, and she has authored several poetry collections, including “Awakenings,” “The Throat of the Absent,” “Hostage of Pain,” “The Most High Conditions,” and “The Ones I Love.” She has actively participated in festivals and poetry events, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

Symbolic significance

Expressing her profound happiness upon receiving the honour, Al-Sindi emphasised the symbolic significance of the award, stating: “It represents, in its cultural and human depth, a tribute and honour to my poetic and literary experience and to all Arab poetic experiences.” She highlighted the award’s role in fostering cultural and creative awareness, expressing pride in the talent and creativity of Gulf women and emphasising the importance of empowering them. Al-Sindi extended her sincere gratitude to the organisers and administrators of the award for their recognition and support.


Salha Abash, the head of the Council’s Cultural Office, shed light on the deliberations that led to the introduction of the “Cultural Personality” award. She emphasised the significance of honouring female figures with distinguished creative, intellectual, and professional contributions, noting their invaluable contributions to the Gulf and Arab cultural landscape. Abash highlighted their achievements in reaching the international stage through their works, collaborations with global cultural authorities, and efforts in promoting Arab and Gulf culture worldwide.


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