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Bitcoin Price Headed to ‘Either a Million or Zero,’ Analyst Says

Bitcoin’s price prediction for the next decade has become a hot topic, fueled recently by Jack Dorsey’s bold statement that bitcoin can reach $1 million dollars by 2030. 

This speculation, while ambitious, has sparked a lively debate among crypto enthusiasts and experts. Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson recently led a discussion featuring Austin Arnold, founder of “Altcoin Daily,” and George Tung of “CryptosRUs,” exploring the feasibility of such forecasts and the factors driving bitcoin’s adoption and value.

Nelson kicked off the discussion by referencing Dorsey’s prediction and highlighting the ongoing debate about bitcoin’s future. He emphasized that bitcoin’s growth is not just about its philosophical underpinnings but its practical adoption and usage. 

“The premise of bitcoin, aside from the philosophy, is that it doesn’t matter if you have a great philosophy, if nobody’s signing up,” Nelson said. “It’s working, people are buying it, people are in, people are investing, people are using it.”

Arnold expressed a slightly more conservative yet still optimistic view. Arnold speculated that bitcoin could reach around $500,000 by the end of the decade, equating its value to that of gold’s market cap. 

“To me, that’s closer to the market cap of gold, and I think bitcoin is more valuable than gold,” Arnold said. 

He acknowledged the speculative nature of bitcoin, stating that it is not a question of if bitcoin will reach $1 million, but when. 

“I’m actually in the Michael Saylor camp: either a million or zero,” he said. “There is risk, this is a speculative asset.”

Nelson then brought Tung into the conversation, emphasizing the technological potential of the Bitcoin blockchain. Nelson drew a parallel to Microsoft’s success, suggesting that bitcoin’s underlying technology could be a significant factor in its future valuation. 

“Microsoft is worth so much because of its technology, not because of a store of value,” he said. “There’s a whole piece here, George, that is yet to be realized of what the Bitcoin chain itself can do.”

Tung supported this viewpoint, highlighting bitcoin’s dual role as a secure network and a store of value. Tung pointed out that the emerging trend of building decentralized applications (DApps) and other technologies on the Bitcoin network could significantly enhance its utility and adoption. 

“Now there’s a third component and that is, let’s build DApps on top of Bitcoin,” Tung said. “Let’s build Runes or let’s build BRC-20 tokens or any number of things that may be coming up.” 

He compared this development to the growth seen with Ethereum, suggesting that Bitcoin might follow a similar trajectory.

The discussion also touched on the macroeconomic factors influencing bitcoin’s adoption. Arnold noted the increasing desire for a hard asset or store of value as governments continue to print money and devalue currencies. 

“People want a hard asset, a store of value, bitcoin’s going up,” he stated. 

Tung added that economic mismanagement and hyperinflation in various nations could drive more people toward bitcoin as a safe haven.

Tung concluded by reiterating his bullish stance on bitcoin, driven by both its technological innovations and its role in the macroeconomic landscape. 

“The more I learn about those things, the more bullish I am about bitcoin,” Tung said. 

He predicted that as more projects build on bitcoin and more innovations emerge, the utility and value of bitcoin will continue to increase over time.


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