British Airways Cuts Back Legroom on Selected Flights to Just 28 Inches

British Airways has cut the legroom on selected flights to just 28inches – sparking fears that people over 6 feet will have an uncomfortable journey. The national carrier revealed the space given in economy had been reduced by an inch on certain planes. According to reports, bosses previously said it allowed passengers a minimum of 29 inches on all its services. 

However, the airline has now cut back in order to fit more seats and reduce costs. It comes after travellers were annoyed at the loss of BA short-haul free drinks and meals. Ryanair gives customers 30 inches while easyJet provides 29 inches. British Airways said: ‘The vast majority of the seats on all of our short-haul aircraft have a minimum seat pitch of 29ins or higher.’ 

It comes after an airline passenger revealed how he landed an exit row seat, a first-class amenity bag and a spread of in-flight treats after employing a controversial travel hack on a 12.5-hour flight from New York to Abu Dhabi.


Daily Mail
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