Coronavirus: UAE Ranks Among Top 10 Countries in Treatment Efficacy

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The UAE has been ranked as the world’s 10th best for the treatment of coronavirus according to the Deep Knowledge Group, placing as the first among Arab nations.

Germany’s COVID-19 treatment efficacy received the top score, followed by China, South Korea, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel and Japan.

The Deep Knowledge Group, headquartered in the UK, is a collection of commercial and non-profit organizations active in research, investment, entrepreneurship and more in the realms of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies, such as AI, Longevity and Fintech.

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Meanwhile, Dubai’s authorities have transformed the World Trade Center into a 3,030-bed  hospital for coronavirus patients.

UAE also continues to ramp up testing services, as they launch a home-testing service for people with disabilities and drive-through centers.

The country has detected 5,365 people infected with COVID-19, and reported 33 deaths.


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