Coronavirus: UAE Ranks Among Top 10 Countries in Treatment Efficacy

The UAE has been ranked as the world’s 10th best for the treatment of coronavirus according to the Deep Knowledge Group, placing as the first among Arab nations.

Germany’s COVID-19 treatment efficacy received the top score, followed by China, South Korea, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel and Japan.

The Deep Knowledge Group, headquartered in the UK, is a collection of commercial and non-profit organizations active in research, investment, entrepreneurship and more in the realms of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies, such as AI, Longevity and Fintech.

Meanwhile, Dubai’s authorities have transformed the World Trade Center into a 3,030-bed  hospital for coronavirus patients.

UAE also continues to ramp up testing services, as they launch a home-testing service for people with disabilities and drive-through centers.

The country has detected 5,365 people infected with COVID-19, and reported 33 deaths.


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