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Coronet Sets 10th Guinness Record

Coronet was awarded its 10th Guinness World Records on November 6th last year at the Shanghai Expo in China.

The recently awarded Guinness World Record for “The Most Diamond Set on a Toilet” is an incredible piece of art – a solid gold toilet with its bulletproof seat encrusted with 40,815 diamonds created by ten craftsmen from The Aaron Shum Jewelry Limited. The total weight of all diamonds is 334.68 carats (66.936 grams; 2.36 ounces) with the seat valued at nearly 1.3 million US Dollars.

Holding nine Guinness World Record titles, including “The Most Valuable Guitar” featuring 1.6Kg of 18K gold and 400 carats of diamonds worth 2 million US Dollars, Coronet aspires for more diamond innovative creations.

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