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Coronet – The Worldwide Patented Collection from Lifestyle Fine Jewelry.

Since 1997, Lifestyle Fine Jewelry has traded in the GCC, specialising in fine diamond jewellery and watches. The company embarked on a project in 2006 to expand and position itself in the medium-to-high end market. For this, the product base was changed and all retail outlets renovated. The corporate identity has also been revamped for the project. Lifestyle Fine Jewelry is positioned to continue its policy of future expansion and is scheduled to have 40 outlets in the UAE and Bahrain by the end of 2020.

Coronet® is a signature Swiss brand of Aaron Shum Jewelry, the parent company of Lifestyle Fine Jewelry. With its inspirational jewellery ideas, technical excellence and innovative craftsmanship, Coronet® has achieved ten Guinness World Record titles for its diamond creations at Baselworld in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. Its patented design, with each piece of Coronet® made from seven high calibre diamonds set with no prongs holding the centre diamond, along with the precision of cut, symmetry, and polish, contributes to the best-fit proportion to conceiving a luminous solitaire diamond effect at an exceptionally competitive value. This patented Coronet® technique stands out among other similar products on the market. Throughout the years, Coronet® has successfully established a global reach of more than 1,000 points of sales.

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