COVID-19: Germany to relax quarantine, tighten dining rules

Germany is to relax its quarantine rules while bringing in additional restrictions for restaurants and bars, federal and state leaders agreed on Friday, in response to fears of a surge in coronavirus cases, said dpa international.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the premiers of the nation’s 16 states decided to exempt certain people from quarantining if they come into contact with someone who has caught the virus.

This includes people who have recently received a second or third vaccine shot and people who have recently recovered from infection, according to a paper released following the videoconference.

The length of quarantine will also be reduced to 10 days, with the option of getting out from day seven if the person tests negative. Currently, quarantine lasts up to 14 days depending on a number of factors.

Scholz and the state leaders also agreed to tighten entry requirements for bars and restaurants. 

Under the plans, people will need to get tested before dining out, unless they have received their booster shot against the coronavirus.



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