Dubai: 30% tax on alcohol removed, personal liquor licence to be free of cost

Dubai has suspended the 30 percent municipality tax on all alcoholic beverages as well as the personal liquor licence fee.

From January 1, 2023 personal liquor licences will be free-to-obtain for those eligible to legally purchase alcoholic beverages in Dubai. A valid Emirates ID, or Passport for tourists, will still be required to apply.

A person must be at least 21 to drink legally in the UAE, and alcohol can only be consumed privately or in licensed public places.

Tyrone Reid, Group CEO of Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) & Emirates Leisure Retail said, “Following the announcement by the Government of Dubai to remove the 30 percent municipality tax on sales of alcoholic beverages, we are pleased to announce that this will be reflected across all alcoholic beverage products in all our 21 MMI stores in Dubai, effective January 1.”


Khaleej Times
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