Dubai Announces New Travel Ban and Arrest Warrant Fine System

Dubai Public Prosecution has introduced a pioneering “Smart Fine Payment” service that streamlines the process for convicted individuals to settle fines and automatically have travel bans lifted post-court judgment.

This digital solution targets those found guilty solely of fines in criminal cases.

Incorporated within the framework of the ‘Services 360’ policy, which strives to enhance government services, the smart fine payment initiative aligns with Dubai’s commitment to technological leadership.

Shamsa Salem Al Marri, Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence, said that the policy has become intrinsic to the government’s pursuit of embracing futuristic technology and artificial intelligence.

Beneficiaries of this service have three options to settle fines. Firstly, recipients can follow a link sent via text message by the Public Prosecution.

Upon clicking, users will access a login page using their digital ID and can conveniently make the payment online.

Secondly, fines can be paid via payment devices accepting electronic or cash transactions.

Each device accommodates various cash denominations, with one note per denomination accepted in each attempt until the full fine is cleared.

Lastly, individuals can log into the Public Prosecution’s website with their digital ID and make the payment electronically.

Upon payment, a text message confirming the transaction and immediate revocation of arrest orders and travel bans is dispatched by Dubai Public Prosecution.

Once the court judgment is approved, travel bans will be officially lifted, and law enforcement will be notified of the search termination and travel restriction removal.


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