Dubai: Dh620,926 Restaurant Bill on New Year’s Eve Goes Viral

A restaurateur in Dubai has shared a bill on his social media account which shows a whopping bill of Dhs 620,926.61 on New Year’s Eve.

Taking to Instagram Merk Turkmen posted a picture of this bill.

A restaurant in Downtown has billed the cool amount at the table that had 18 guests.

It is not immediately clear whether Merk had to foot the bill, or he simply posted an image of the bill.

He captioned the Story, “Not first, not last”, without elaborating. Khaleej Times has reached out to him to understand more about the bill.

Tourists and residents rushed to make their last-minute restaurant bookings in the area to watch the spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations on Saturday.

This is the second time that an astronomical bill of this nature has gone viral on social media, with the first one being a grand night of dining at the popular Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi.

The cost as per an unspecified group of diners was a mouth-watering Dh615,065.

The bill was posted by the restaurant on the verified Instagram account of its owner, chef Nusret Gökçe, with the caption “Quality never expensive”.


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