Dubai Is One of the Best Destinations for a ‘Workation,’ Says New Study

A recent study conducted by Berlin-based WorkMotion has highlighted Dubai as one of the leading cities for the emerging trend of ‘workations’.

Workations involve employees working remotely while enjoying a change of scenery, and they have gained popularity with the rise of flexible-working policies.

The study, which assessed various factors such as visa regulations, remote-working infrastructure, safety, mobility, happiness, affordability, and income-tax rates, also found that Barcelona is in the top position as the best city for a workation.

Dubai secured the second spot in the rankings. Notably, Dubai stands out as the sole destination in the study offering a zero income tax rate, making it a top choice for those looking to minimize tax expenses during their workations.

Safety and mobility were other areas where Dubai excelled. The city earned a high rating for safety, ranking second only to Bern in Switzerland.

Dubai’s strict law-enforcement policies and zero-tolerance approach to crime, combined with a quick police response time, contributed to its high safety rating.


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