Dubai Police Deny Woman Arrested for ‘Yelling’

Dubai Police have denied claims a woman was arrested in the city for “yelling” at staff from a car rental agency.

American media reported that US citizen, Tierra Allen, was arrested after allegedly yelling in public. Allen, a trucker and TikToker with more than 180,000 followers is known as Sassy Trucker on the social media platform.

Police said the media reporting of the incident distorted the case and said Allen was questioned as per legal procedures. Police confirmed that Allen was questioned and released pending legal procedures after a car rental office accused her of slandering and defaming an employee. The dispute arose over car rental fees.

In a statement issued to local media, the police said: “The Dubai Police General Command firmly denies allegations made in some stories circulating in the media that an American woman was arrested merely for ‘yelling’ in public.

“The reports present a completely distorted picture of the case. Dubai police received a complaint from a car rental office, accusing her of slandering and defaming an employee amidst a dispute over car rental fees.

“The individual was questioned as per legal procedures and subsequently released pending the resolution of ongoing legal proceedings between her and the car rental office”.


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