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Dubai Police Relaunches Ramadan Campaign Warning of Illegal Firework Use

Dubai police have relaunched its annual Ramadan campaign on the dangers of illegal fireworks – warning illicit firecrackers can be potentially deadly and offenders can face a hefty fine and potential jail time if caught.

Under the slogan ‘Remember… Fireworks are more dangerous than you think’, the campaign aims to educate the community about the dangers of fireworks especially during celebrations in the holy month.

The campaign particularly emphasizes the importance of not allowing children and individuals to handle fireworks directly due to their danger.

Butti Ahmad bin Darwish al-Falasi, Director of the Security Awareness Department, said the campaign will spread awareness through social media platforms, outdoor advertisements, and direct email messages to reach as many community members as possible.

Al-Falasi noted the dangers of fireworks, which can cause permanent disabilities, including loss, amputation, and burns of body parts. Scientific studies have shown that fireworks cause injuries in 15 percent of eye-related cases, 16 percent in the face and ears, 6 percent in the chest area, 10 percent in the forearms, 30 percent in the hands, and 23 percent in the legs.

The law concerning weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment, and hazardous materials defines explosives in its first article as a chemical compound or a mixture of various chemical compounds that react with each other when exposed to suitable conditions, producing pressure, heat, and a specific speed, resulting in an impact or damage to the surrounding area, including fireworks.

Al-Falasi said the Decree states that it is not permitted to acquire, possess, import, export, re-export, transit, ship in stages, trade, manufacture, repair, transport, or dispose of explosives in any form without obtaining a license or permit from the licensing authority or the concerned entity.

Al-Falasi warned offenders face a penalty of imprisonment for a period not less than one year and a fine not less than $7,350 (AED 27,000) or one of these two penalties for anyone who, without a license, trades in fireworks, imports, exports, manufactures, or introduces them into and from the country.

Under the campaign, which will continue until April 23, members of the public are encouraged to report those who trade, possess, or use fireworks illegally by contacting Dubai Police’s call center at 901.



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