Flights from Kuwait to India Resume

Flights to India resumed today with flights taking off to Delhi and Vijaywada today after a hiatus of almost 20 days.

Many more flights are being planned to India including by Indian carriers as part of the Vande Bharat Mission to evacuate stranded Indians in Kuwait.

15 destinations in India have been identified in the transport bubble signed recently between India and Kuwait. The destinations include Gaya, Vijaywada, Kochi, Kozikhode, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Amritsar, Mangalore, New Delhi, Thiruvantapuram, Kannur, Jaipur, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad.

However, Kuwait’s Cabinet has not issued a decision to alter the list of 31 countries where expats are banned from entering Kuwait, and the list will remain as is until further notice. The cabinet discussed the health indicators of the coronavirus spread in those countries and international reports, and decided that the list would be unchanged.

The list is subject to increase or decrease at any moment, taking into account the opinion of the health authorities and the medical team.


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