India: 200,000 new coronavirus cases registered

The Covid-19 situation has worsened in India, which reported nearly 200,000 fresh cases, taking the total to almost 14 million. It also recorded 1,027 deaths, the highest in a single day in the last six months, by Wednesday night. The highest was 1,033 on October 18. Total deaths now add up to over 173,000.

This is the second-highest number of Covid cases registered in one day anywhere in the world. Earlier on January 8, the US had seen more than 300,000 cases registered.

The past few days have seen a massive surge in Covid cases, nearly doubling from 100,000 new cases recorded just 10 days ago to almost 200,000 by Wednesday night.

Maharashtra, the worst-hit state, reported 60,000 infections, accounting for about a third of new cases, on April 14. It was followed by Uttar Pradesh (about 20,500) and Delhi (over 17,000). Maharashtra also reported 278 deaths on April 14. Delhi reported 104 new deaths and Gujarat saw 73 deaths.


Khaleej Times

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