Israel: Ticketless Baby Ditched at Check-in by Parents

Parents late to their flight at an Israeli airport left their ticketless baby at check-in and raced away to try to get on board: Israeli authorities

A baby boy was ditched by his parents at a check-in counter at a Tel Aviv airport after they arrived late for their flight and did not have a ticket for the infant to travel, Israeli authorities said. The unidentified parents who held Belgian passports left their baby behind in a carrier on Tuesday inside Ben Gurion International Airport.

“A couple and an infant with Belgian passports arrived for a flight at Terminal 1 without a ticket for the baby,” the Israeli Airport Authority said, according to the report. The agency added: “The couple also arrived late for the flight, once the check-in for the flight was closed.” 

The parents left the infant as they didn’t have a booking for the child, and ran toward the security checks at Terminal 1 in an attempt to reach the boarding gate for the flight.

It is unclear whether the parents were unable to purchase a ticket for the baby or did not want to. 

The parents never boarded the flight and the infant was ultimately reunited with the parents by the time police arrived on the scene. 



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