Italy’s Coronavirus Affected Region Rattled by Earthquake

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Northern Italy was rattled by an earthquake near the heart of the coronavirus outbreak today.

The 4.5-magnitude tremor struck near Coli in the region of Emilia-Romagna, around 30 miles north-east of Genoa and 60 miles south of Milan. Emilia-Romagna has more than 21,000 virus cases and the epicentre was near the border with Lombardy, which has recorded more than 62,000 infections.

Some people reported seeing their furniture shake and a ‘slight wave movement’ in Genoa while another witness said the earthquake felt like a passing truck.

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Lombardy has seen 62,153 cases and 11,377 deaths and has been under lockdown since March 8, slightly longer than the rest of Italy.

Hospitals in northern Italy have been overwhelmed and doctors have been forced into agonising life-or-death decisions over who should receive intensive care.


The number of new cases has slowed in Italy, while the death toll is down from a peak but its decline has stalled in recent days.


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