Jumpstart your health

Here are easy ways to start being healthy this New Year.

 Drink more water.

Water flushes out toxins from the body. Drinking pure water also doesn’t tax the liver (which is what happens when you drink alcohol or beverages that are too sugary). If you find water too bland for your taste, add a slice of lemon, cucumbers, and mint leaves to add some zest to your water.

Try dry body brushing.


Invest in a loofah and brush your body in upward strokes. Finish with a shower afterwards. Dead skin cells will be removed and you will feel invigorated and ready to take on anything.

Cut down sugar and sugar substitutes.


Sugar is an addictive substance, the more you intake, the more you’ll want. We all know this leads to high blood sugar and high blood pressure. The good things is, once you begin to cut down, you’ll want less sugary foods.

Walk outdoors.


A simple walk round the block is enough to clear your head and keep you healthier. Aside from lifting your mood, going outdoors is known to strengthen lung and heart health. Even better, take the family along so you can bond while getting healthy.

Turn off your phone.


Give yourself half an hour of technology free rest before you hit the sack. Technology interferes with the body’s natural circadian rhythm causing your sleep to be fitful and restless. Instead try falling asleep the good, old-fashioned way: reading a book.


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