Kuwait: 5,000 Indians can enter on direct flights every week

After the Kuwaiti government lifted the ban on passengers travelling directly from six countries to Kuwait, the Civil Aviation authorities announced they have determined the number of seats allocated from Egypt and India per week.

Direct flights from Egypt, operated by both Kuwaiti and Egyptian airlines, will have the capacity to carry 10,000 passengers a week. As for India, the Civil Aviation dictated that between Kuwaiti and Indian flights they can allocate seats for 5,000 passengers per week.

In terms of the other four countries, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Civil Aviation has yet to set the perimeters for the number of passengers on direct flights.

A source told the daily the government is mulling increasing daily capacity at Kuwait’s airport from 7,500 to 10,000 passengers, as demand for travel increases.


Gulf News

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