Kuwait Resumes Issuance of Work Permits for Egyptians in Government Sector

Kuwait’s Interior Ministry, in collaboration with the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), has agreed to recommence the issuance of work permits for Egyptians, specifically targeting roles within the government sector under the Article 17 visa.

According to local reports, this decision will allow key government entities, including the ministries of Education, Health, Endowments and Islamic Affairs, along with Kuwait Municipality, to employ Egyptian professionals for positions such as doctors, teachers, nurses and Imams.

However, it’s been clarified that the recent easing of restrictions on visit visas will not extend to Iranian nationals due to security concerns, nor to Afghan nationals, attributed to the lack of an Afghan diplomatic mission in Kuwait.

Furthermore, PAM has readied a draft law aimed at addressing the issue of expatriates involved in absconding cases. This draft is awaiting approval from Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Al Sabah before being forwarded to the National Assembly for ratification.

The proposed legislation enforces strict penalties, including significant fines and administrative sanctions, for those found harbouring expatriates involved in absconding incidents.


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