Kuwait to be hit with unusual weather conditions

Kuwait is expected to be affected by unusual weather conditions in the next few days, including a chance of rain and thunderstorms on Friday that may last for several days, veteran meteorologist Essa Ramadan said.

A maritime air mass originating from the Arabian Sea and Arabian Gulf is expected to hit Kuwait on Thursday, raising humidity and chance for accumulation of rain clouds, Ramadan explained in a statement, noting that this phenomenon happens very rarely in Kuwait at this time of the summer.
Ramadan explained that the humid “Marzam” season will start Thursday, signaling the start of a period of high humidity and temperatures, before the appearance of Suhail star at the end of August.

Humidity is expected to rise and winds to become southeasterly starting Wednesday evening, noting that humidity would increase Thursday and continue for a week, accompanied by hot weather with a chance of rain in some areas. He said chance for rain starts Friday and continues for several days and horizontal vision would drop.


Kuwait Times

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