LIVE: Latest news on coronavirus global outbreak

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11:02 pm

More than 25,000 people have died in the US


11:00 pm

US may have to keep social distancing until 2022, scientists predict

The US may have to keep social distancing measures — such as stay-at-home orders and school closures — in effect until 2022, unless a vaccine becomes available quickly, researchers projected today.


10:30 pm

Covid-19 measures will significantly impact UK economy — but only temporarily, official says

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak played down a report from the country’s independent public finances watchdog that indicated the economy could shrink by 35% in the second quarter in the scenario there is a three-month lockdown.


10:27 pm

Bahrain: Free Tickets for Flexi Visa Workers and Violators Proposed

A proposal to give violating and holder of flexible visa workers free tickets to return home  was proposed.

The proposal, presented by five members of parliament (MP) sought the government to issue an initiative to facilitate the departure of offending foreign workers and flexible workers.

MP Ammar Qambar, mentioned the said that the proposal that came as a result of implications by the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) such as travel ban and border closures.


10:11 pm

There are more than 584,000 cases in the US


09:45 pm

New Zealand reports 4 coronavirus deaths, the worst day on record

New Zealand reported four deaths from Covid-19 today, bringing the death toll to nine and making it the country’s largest number of novel coronavirus deaths reported in a single day.


09:40 pm

The UN’s first “solidarity flight” carrying vital Covid-19 supplies to Africa will depart Tuesday

The first UN relief “solidarity flight” carrying urgently needed Covid-19 supplies to African countries will depart Ethiopia on Tuesday, according to a joint statement from the African Union (AU), World Food Program (WFP), and the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday.


09:22 pm

Italy reports small increase in new cases but does less testing

Italy has reported an increase of 675 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the lowest increase in numbers since March 1.

But 10,000 less tests were also administered in that time frame. There are now 104,291 active coronavirus cases, according to the Italian Civil Protection Agency.


09:20 pm

Two of the world’s biggest drug companies team up to develop Covid-19 vaccine

Drug giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sanofi have announced they will collaborate to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, with clinical trials expected to begin in the second half of 2020, according to a statement released on Tuesday.


09:10 pm

Trump offers to send medical aid to Russia, country’s foreign minister says

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said President Trump has offered medical supplies to Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of a mutual cooperation between Washington and Moscow to fight Covid-19.

Earlier this month, Russia sent a plane load of medical supplies to New York to aid hospitals and communities battling the pandemic. In a video conference with reporters, Lavrov said Russia was open to additional requests for aid.


08:55 pm

Denmark will speed up lifting coronavirus measures

Denmark will speed up lifting Covid-19 restrictions after the latest numbers of new cases proved lower than expected, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said today.


08:30 pm

Anyone entering Canada without “credible” quarantine plan must isolate in a hotel, prime minister says

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that anyone entering Canada without what authorities determined to be a “credible” quarantine plan will be forced to quarantine in a hotel for at least two weeks.


08:29 pm

Philippines: Cases Top 5,000; 20 More Deaths Recorded


08:07 pm

Bahrain: Over 70,000 COVID-19 Tests Conducted

The Ministry of Health in Bahrain has conduced over 70,000 Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests involving various segments of society, including citizens and residents.

The accelerated investigative and check-up measures resulted in the detection of 6 new coronavirus cases, all of whom are in stable condition and receiving necessary care.

Currently, a total of 70,813 people have been tested and the total number of confirmed active cases is 873, amongst which 3 patients are in critical condition.


07:55 pm

Bahrain: Total of 643 Recoveries Recorded


07:53 pm

Bahrain: Two Violators of Home Confinement Sentenced to Prison

The Lower Criminal Court sentenced today two defendants to three months in jail and ruled they stay under house arrest during the imprisonment period and be subject to electronic monitoring. They were accused of violating self-confinement procedures which are imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


07:30 pm


Jordan will not allow public worship in mosques during the holy month of Ramadan that begins next week as part of measures to stem the spread of coronavirus, the religious affairs minister said.


07:02 pm

Bahrain Sets Up ICU in Military Hospital Car Park

Bahrain has converted the multi-story car park of a military hospital into a 130-bed intensive care unit for patients with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, and plans to set up four more field ICUs.


06:57 pm

At least 10,834 people have died in New York

Another 778 people died across New York state from coronavirus yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.


06:55 pm

Italian police fined more than 42,000 people over Easter weekend for breaking restrictions

Italian police issued fines to more than 42,000 people during the Easter weekend for breaking coronavirus containment rules, the Italian Interior Ministry said today.

The crackdown occurred between Saturday and Monday.


06:29 pm

Cuba sends second round of medical workers to help Italy

Cuba’s second group of medical personnel landed in Turin, Italy, today at the request of Italian authorities and Italy’s Ministry of Health.


05:34 pm

Saudi: Precautionary Guidebook Issued for Returning Nationals

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry has issued a precautionary guidebook for citizens arriving in the kingdom, as part of the country’s efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, state news agency SPA reported.


05:28 pm

Coronavirus: Kuwait to Scale Back the Number of Expats

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted Kuwait to revive a plan aimed at addressing the population imbalance in the country and scale back the numbers of expatriates there, according to a report.

Foreign workers make up 3.3 million of Kuwait’s 4.6 million population.


05:12 pm

Pakistan extends partial lockdown until the end of the month

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan extended a “partial lockdown” across the country until the end of April.

In a nationally televised briefing today, Khan called for Pakistanis to stay indoors to ensure that the country continues to flattened the curve.


05:11 pm

Saudi Public, Private Sectors Contribute SR1 Billion

Saudi companies and individuals have contributed almost SR1 billion ($266 million) in cash and kind to the Ministry of Health’s coronavirus fund, the health minister revealed.

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah highlighted the contributions, which had boosted the ministry’s funds being used to fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


05:10 pm

UK economy could shrink 35% in the second quarter because of restrictions

The British economy could shrink by 35% in the second quarter if there is three months’ worth of restrictions, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), UK’s independent public finances watchdog, warned.

The OBR predicted the economy will eventually bounce back, leading to an annual drop in GDP of 13%.


05:04 pm

Japan Hospitals Find Way to Beat Sanitiser Shortage

Strong alcoholic drinks can be used “when absolutely necessary” instead of hand sanitiser in Japanese hospitals, authorities said, as supplies run dry as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Spirits with an alcohol proof of between 70 and 83 per cent can be substituted to sterilise hands under new rules set out in a health ministry document obtained by AFP on Tuesday.


04:55 pm

Saudi: 252 More Stranded Saudi Nationals Arrive From UK

A total of 252 more Saudis nationals, stranded in Britain since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, arrived at King Abdulaziz international Airport on Tuesday aboard a special Saudi Arabian Airlines plane coming from London, Saudi Press Agency reported.


04:46 pm

Saudi Races to Contain Outbreak in Mecca

Saudi authorities are racing to contain an outbreak of coronavirus in the Islamic holy city of Mecca, where crowded areas have accelerated the spread even with much of the country under a 24-hour curfew.

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The total number of coronavirus cases reported in Mecca, home to 2 million people, reached 1,050 on Monday compared to 1,422 in the capital of Riyadh, a city more than three times the size. Mecca’s large number of undocumented immigrants and cramped housing for migrant workers have made it more difficult to slow the infection rate.

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Shielding Mecca from a pandemic that’s overwhelmed countries like Italy and the United States is crucial for Saudi Arabia because of the city’s significance to the world’s Muslims.


04:45 pm

There won’t be a decision on extending UK restrictions until Thursday

There’ll be no decision until Thursday on whether to extend the UK’s coronavirus restrictions, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said.


04:27 pm

Kuwait: Second Death Reported; Confirmed Cases Reach 1,300


04:22 pm

India: Coronaviruses Found in Two Bat Species in Kerala

Researchers have detected coronaviruses in two species of bats from four states in India, an Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) study published on Monday shows. Bats are known reservoirs for a broad range of coronaviruses, and are often transmitted to humans through an intermediate host.


04:01 pm

India: International Flights Remains Suspended Until May 3

All domestic and international scheduled commercial passenger operations shall remain suspended till 11.59pm of May 3, announced the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation.


03:49 pm

Saudi: Up to SR10,000 Fine for Health Regulation Violators at Labour Camps

According to the new rules, fines ranging between SR5,000 and SR10,000 will be imposed on employer in the event of violation of any of the health conditions at the housing of workers and if the violations are repeated, the penalties will be multiplied.


03:26 pm

Iran reports smallest increase in coronavirus-related deaths in a month

Iran has reported 98 new coronavirus-related deaths over the past 24 hours – the first time in nearly a month that the country has seen a two-digit increase in new deaths.

Jahanpoor, the health ministry spokesman, announced 1,574 new cases of coronavirus across the country on Tuesday, bringing the total to 74,877. The 98 new deaths he announced bring Iran’s death toll from coronavirus to 4,683.

On Monday, Iran reported 1,617 new cases, and 111 new deaths.

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03:03 pm

Special flydubai flights to repatriate Pakistani prisoners

Flydubai is operating two special flights from Dubai to Faisalabad and Peshawar on Tuesday (today) to repatriate Pakistani prisoners released from the UAE jails.

According to an official at Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, special flights will carry Pakistani prisoners who were released from jails recently. Most of them were involved in petty crimes or have completed their prison term.

According to sources, all tickets for the prisoners were paid by the UAE authorities concerned and there are no other regular passengers on this flight. The return flight will also carry 11 members of the UAE Embassy staff.

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A Pakistan Embassy official, however, said that special flights to repatriate the stranded Pakistanis in the UAE will also start soon.


02:46 pm

Spain surpasses 18,000 deaths, but records Europe’s first fall in active cases

Spain recorded a slight rise in daily deaths from coronavirus on Tuesday — 567 over the past 24 hours — according to Spanish Health Ministry data.

It is an increase from the 517 reported on Monday, but remains the third-lowest daily rise in the past three weeks. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain stands at 18,056.

However, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, Spain has recorded a fall of 299 active cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total down to 86,981. The decrease suggests the number of new “recovered” patients and dead are outnumbering the increase in new cases.

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This fall in the number of active Covid-19 numbers is the first recorded in Europe.


02:32 pm

England’s death toll is significantly higher than previously reported

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in England is significantly higher than the British Government has reported in its daily updates, according to new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

The daily updates from the Department of Health and Social Care only include people who have died with coronavirus in hospitals, and not those who have died in nursing homes or other locations. They are also affected by a lag in reporting times.


02:08 pm

Bahrain: 161 new cases

The Ministry of Health in Bahrain recorded 161 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the total count of active cases to 870.

Earlier today, the ministry announced the death of a 60-year-old Bahraini male.

54 cases have recovered and 161 new cases registered, of which 156 are migrant workers.

Three cases are of contact with existing cases and two cases are from abroad.

Currently, a total of 69, 359 people have been tested and the total number of confirmed active cases is 870, amongst which 3 patients are in critical condition. To date, 645 patients have been discharged and 7 deaths have been confirmed.

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02:00 pm

Italy cautiously eases some lockdown measures

Some shops and business in Italy will be allowed to reopen on Tuesday, according to a government decree signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as the country tentatively seeks to emerge from its coronavirus lockdown.

Among the stores permitted to reopen are book shops, laundries, stationery shops and clothing stores for babies and children. However, some regions have decided to delay lifting restrictions.

The measures will be in place until May 3, according to the government decree.

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The government has also expanded the list of permitted production activities to allow some forestry, landscape care and maintenance and hydraulic works to resume. Computer manufacturers and wholesalers of paper and cardboard products can restart production.

These openings are in effect a preview of the larger scale openings expected to take place during “Phase 2” of Italy’s three-phase plan to bring the country back to normal.

Phase 2 will only start sometime after other lockdown measures are lifted, at some point after May 3.

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01:40 pm

Emirates Offers New Options to Keep, Exchange or Refund Tickets

Dubai’s Emirates airlines offered on Tuesday new options for travellers who have flight tickets issued before May 31 for travel before August 31, allowing them to either keep exchange or request a full refund for the tickets.

The three options Emirates is offering to its customers affected by flight cancellations and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are as follows:

Keep the ticket

All Emirates tickets booked before May 31 for travel up to 31 August will be automatically extended for 760 days. Customers holding such tickets can be assured their tickets will be honoured, and they can rebook when they decide to travel.

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When the customers are ready to travel again, within two years from the day their ticket was originally issued, they need to contact Emirates or their travel agents to reschedule their flight.

Their ticket will be accepted for any flight to the same Emirates destination or to another city within the same Emirates region with no additional fees. Those who wish to rebook their ticket to travel to another region can also do so – Emirates will not charge re-issuance fees, only any applicable fare difference.

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Request a travel voucher

Travel vouchers are valid for one year from the date the voucher was issued and can be extended for a second year. The voucher can be used for any Emirates product or service, which means customers can use it to offset charges for flights to any destination in any cabin class, or other services. No change fees apply to this voucher.

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Customers who have opted to keep their ticket or opted for a travel voucher can still apply for a refund if they are unable to travel. There will be no refund penalties.


01:06 pm

India considers relaxing lockdown rules in parts of the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the country’s current 21-day nationwide lockdown would be extended until May 3.

Modi said every district and state across the country will be evaluated in terms of restrictions being followed until April 20, calling it a “litmus test.”

Areas that succeed and are less likely to turn into a hotspot could then be allowed to open up certain activities, he said.

“However, keep in mind, this permission will be conditional and the rules for going out will be very strict. Permission will be withdrawn immediately if lockdown rules are broken and the spread of coronavirus risked,” he warned.

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The government will provide “detailed guidelines” on the plan on Wednesday.

Several states have already set up hundreds of “containment zones” in areas that have seen a concentration of cases.


12:55 pm

Kuwait confirms one new fatality, 55 new infections in 24 hours

Kuwait reports 55 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 1,355.

One new virus-related death was also reported in a 79-year-old citizen who suffered from chronic illnesses.


12:32 pm

Turkish woman becomes the second 107-year-old to beat coronavirus

A 107-year-old woman from Turkey has beaten coronavirus, becoming the second COVID-19 patient of the same age to recover from the illness.

Havahan Karadeniz was admitted to a hospital in Istanbul a week ago after experiencing symptoms of the virus.

She recovered from the illness and was discharged on April 13.


12:08 pm

UAE authorizes football clubs to deduct 40 percent of player wages

Football clubs in the UAE are now authorized to deduct up to 40 percent of their players’ monthly salaries while the season is on hold due to coronavirus, according to an announcement by the UAE Football Association reported by state news agency WAM.

Football in the UAE, like most sports across the world, has been suspended due to restrictions on mass gatherings and human contact aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to allow clubs to deduct player’s wages comes almost a month after the UAE Football Association postponed all football, including the UAE Pro League, national team, and women’s football, on March 15.

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11:50 am

Oman reports 86 new cases, bringing total to 813

Oman recorded 86 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 813, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday.

Six people have also recovered from the virus, raising the total recoveries to 130.

There have been a total of four deaths from coronavirus in the sultanate, added the statement, which is no change from the previous day.


11:24 am

Kuwait Plans to Bring Back 40,000 Citizens on 188 Flights


11:00 am

Germany sees its smallest rise in new coronavirus cases for more than three weeks

Germany today saw its smallest rise in coronavirus cases for more than three weeks as the epidemic continues to lose pace.

The 2,082 cases added to the tally today are the fewest since March 22 and mark a fourth straight day of decline in new infections.

The increase from 123,016 cases to a new total of 125,098 is a jump of only 1.7 per cent, the smallest since the crisis began.

However, the daily death toll of 170 is higher than yesterday’s 126, bringing the total from 2,799 to 2,969.

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10:40 am

Bahrain: 60-Year-Old Bahraini Dies

One more person has died from COVID-19 in Bahrain. The Ministry of Health today announced the death of a 60-year-old Bahraini male, who had underlying diseases and health conditions.

This is the seventh death in the Kingdom.


10:12 am

World’s biggest water fight cancelled as Thailand combats coronavirus

Thais will have to find another way to cool off this year after the government called off the annual water festival that celebrates the Buddhist New Year to curb the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Thailand usually celebrates its traditional new year or Songkran from April 13 to 15, when crowds pack the streets in a boisterous festival, spraying water guns and hurling water off pick-up trucks in a free-for-all water fight, Reuters reported.

Thailand has reported 2,579 confirmed cases and 40 fatalities since the outbreak began in January, with over half the cases in Bangkok, a spokesman of the government’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration, Taweesin Wisanuyothin said on Monday.

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09:55 am

WWE deemed an essential service, returns to live televised shows


09:38 am

Malaysia’s health ministry says it will run out of personal protective equipment in 2 weeks


09:18 am

There are at least 581,679 coronavirus cases in the United States


09:12 am

Japan reports 311 new coronavirus patients


09:00 am

Bahrain: Many Schools Agree to Slash Fees by 5pc-10pc

Many private schools have agreed to reduce fees by 5 to 10%, according to a report by the Minister of Education.

It showed that many private schools had agreed to reduce the fees by 5 to 10%, postpone the payment of the second term’s instalments to September for willing parents, re-schedule the required fees for some parents, as well as exempt them from some services the students hadn’t benefitted from, such as transport, food and extra-curricular activities. Those who had already paid for such services would be refunded or had them removed from next academic year’s fees.

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08:46 am

India extends its nationwide lockdown to May 3


08:30 am

Bahrain: Vehicles of Motorists Creating Noise Pollution Seized

“Many violating drivers were directed and vehicles seized during a traffic law enforcement campaign,” announced the General Directorate of Traffic.

It stated that the campaigns were against violators who deliberately make noises from their vehicles in residential neighbourhoods.

The directorate added that the campaigns, which have been implemented in various areas, started after receiving frequent complaints from residents about traffic behaviour, lack of commitment to traffic regulations and rules in residential areas especially in the evening and during late night.

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08:16 am

Dubai: 12 Hour Opening Window for Few Businesses

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) announced new operating procedures for some food-related commercial activities, as part of the Emirate’s preventative measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

The DED said in a circular that meat trading, fruits and vegetable trading, roaster, mills, nuts trading, chocolate and sweets trading, fish trading, coffee trading, tea trading stores can operate for 12 hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.


08:01 am

Singapore’s biggest spike

The Southeast Asian city-state reported 386 new cases on Monday — all locally transmitted. It’s the largest single-day increase since the outbreak began in the country.


07:44 am

New Zealand extends its state of emergency for another 7 days

Authorities in New Zealand have extended the country’s state of national emergency for another seven days in order to support the government’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The initial declaration was made on March 25, and today’s extension is the third of its kind. The seven-day declaration can be extended as many times as necessary, Minister of Civil Defense Peeni Henare said in a statement.

New Zealand has reported 1,366 coronavirus cases and nine COVID-19 related fatalities, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

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07:42 am

Cases top 1.9 million globally



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