Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail for Attempting to Smuggle Drugs Into Bahrain

A man in his forties has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to smuggle over 500 Tramadol capsules into Bahrain.

The suspect arrived at Bahrain International Airport from his Asian country of origin and was searched by customs officers.

Circular shapes suspected to be drug capsules were detected in his clothing, prompting his transfer to the Anti-Narcotics Directorate office.

During questioning, the suspect admitted to hiding illegal drugs with the intention of smuggling them into Bahrain.

Over 500 Tramadol capsules were found hidden in his underwear, and laboratory tests confirmed the presence of methamphetamine in the capsules. Urine samples also tested positive for cannabis and diazepam.

The Public Prosecution charged the suspect with importing and possessing Tramadol, methamphetamine, cannabis, and diazepam with the intention of trafficking, as well as possessing cannabis and diazepam for personal use without legal authorization.


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