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Mansour Al Khuraiji, Translator to Saudi Kings, Dies at 88

Mansour Al Khuraiji, renowned as the translator for several Saudi kings, passed away on Saturday at the age of 88.

Born in the Syrian town of Al Qaryatayn in 1935, Al Khuraiji lost his father at an early age, leading to his upbringing by his uncle, Mohammad Al Mu’ajil.

Fourth among his six siblings, Al Khuraiji embarked on his educational journey in his hometown, subsequently moving with his family to Medina, where Al Khuraiji uncles resided.

His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him from secondary studies in Medina to Mecca’s mission preparation school. In 1954, his academic endeavours took him to Egypt, where he earned a degree in English literature.

Following this, he initiated his professional journey as an English inspector at the Ministry of Knowledge. His expertise led him to serve as a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts at King Saud University.

His prowess in English soon earned him a prestigious position in the English department of the university. However, 1968 marked a significant turn in his career as he was appointed a translator for the royal court, serving Kings Faisal, Fahd and Abdullah. Over time, his role expanded, culminating in his appointment as the deputy chief of royal protocol, a position he retained until 2005.

Throughout his tenure at the Royal Court, Al Khuraiji accompanied King Faisal on some of the most pivotal foreign visits, including trips to Tehran, several eastern capitals, Washington, and Paris.

Furthermore, he travelled with the king during his tours of African countries.

Post King Faisal’s demise, he continued his invaluable service, working closely with King Khalid and then with King Fahd.

His association with King Fahd was notably intimate, spanning over 25 years, with their interactions often veering into discussions on people’s concerns, away from official duties.

Beyond his translation services, Al Khuraiji was a prolific writer, with notable works such as “What the Job Did Not Say – Pages from My Life,” shedding light on his enriching experiences.


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