Oman: Hundreds of washing powder bags found at Muscat beaches

A trip for a group of divers revealed a major pollution problem on the beaches in the Governorate of Muscat.

Diver Nill Abbot said: “Yesterday (24 June), I and my friend went with OmantaScuba on a trip to the Daymaniyat Islands. On the way to the island heading from Al Mouj, we noticed an odd thing floating in the water which I assumed were fishermen’s markers. However, as we got closer to the Daymaniyat Islands, we noticed more floating objects. There was a bird resting and pecking away at the object.”

When we eventually stopped, we discovered they were bags of washing powder – big bags – with little bags inside. He explained: “There was probably 100 floating bags but even worse was when the bags had split open. It was like a minefield.”

When the divers reached a site known as black top reef, they started to find bags on the bottom broken open.


Times of Oman

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