Oman imposes fine of OMR 2,000 for selling illegal tobacco

An administrative fine of OMR 2,000 have been imposed against two commercial establishments for selling non-smoking, chewing tobacco in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate, the Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) said.

The Consumer Protection Department in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate seized 2,358 non-smoking, chewing tobacco in two commercial establishments that trade and sell non-smoking, chewing tobacco to consumers and imposed an administrative fine of OMR 2,000 against the establishments as part of the administration’s efforts to combat and control abuses and its perpetrators and hold them accountable in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, its executive regulations and amendments, and the decisions issued by the authority. 

Judicial officers received information stating that a shop attached to a house in the Wilayat of Sur stores and sells non-smoking, chewing tobacco to consumers, and that an expatriate worker working in a commercial establishment in the Wilayat of Jalan Bani Buhassan stores and sells non-smoking tobacco through a place where he conducts his commercial activity.

After collecting inferences, investigating and verifying the validity of the reports, and coordinating with the concerned authorities in the governorate, the two establishments were raided and legal measures were taken against the violators. The seizures were seized in preparation for their destruction, and an administrative fine of OMR 1,000 was imposed against each establishment, which is in violation of Resolution No. 2015 /256 and its amendments regarding the prohibition of the circulation of non-smoking, chowing tobacco in any form and under any name.

The authority assures that it will spare no effort in following up and monitoring the markets and controlling everything that may harm the health and safety of consumers or detract from their rights, and take legal measures against violators. It also appeals to consumers to report any abuses they may notice in the market, through the authority’s various communication channels.


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