Oman: Over 51 people rescued after being stranded by floods

Oman has been experiencing heavy rains which led to flooding in different parts of the country.

On Tuesday, Oman News Agency said that the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority in Oman had received 30 reports about people stranded due to floods.

According to ONA, the reports were promptly attended to, and rescue teams were dispatched. Photos shared on social media show emergency rescue personnel checking on cars that have their wheels submerged in water on flooded roads.

Dark clouds crowd the sky overhead as rescue teams work tirelessly, checking on vehicles and pushing cars that are stuck.

The teams were successful in rescuing 51 people, according to the news agency. It further reported that none of those rescued sported any injuries.

Videos circulating on social media show traffic caused by heavy flooding.

The region is seeing a period of heavy rainfall, with authorities in various countries issuing warnings and urging residents to stay safe. In the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology has warned of unstable weather conditions set to last for a week. People are urged to exercise cautions when outdoors.


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