Oman: Rose Inspired by Sultan on Display at Chelsea Flower Show

Two roses inspired by the Sultan of Oman and his wife are currently on display at London’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Harcarmine, created in honour of Sultan Haitham of Oman, and Harforever, created for his wife Ahad Al Busaidiyah, represent the colours of the Omani flag. Harcarmine is red, Harforever is white and the foliage represents the green part of the flag.

The roses are a crossbreeding of a combination of varieties and have been grown in the city of Salalah where they adapted to the area’s cool and damp climate.

Oman already has a reputation for cultivating roses. Thousands of rose bushes flower each year across Jebel Akhdar, also known as the green mountain, filling the air with their scent during harvesting between March and April.


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